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Happy Trees began as a humble idea in early Spring of 2018 that quickly became a reality.  We knew that we wanted to make a positive impact on the local community through art and turn environmental awareness into action, but where to start? After many late-night meetings and ordering out, we finally had it! A recreational art teaching company that encourages people of all ages & backgrounds to exercise their artistic “muscles”, all the while making a positive impact on the environment.

Happy Trees has teamed up with local wildlife organizations to ensure that their slogan to help art grow stays at the forefront of the company’s mission by agreeing to plant a tree for every class sign-up received, for the entirety of its existence as a corporation. Located minutes away from the Las Vegas strip, Happy Trees brings classy to class. An upper-scale experience is being offered at an affordable cost and, well, who doesn’t like that? We offer 21+ recreational classes as well as non-recreational kids classes. We host private & corporate events and we teach a variety of private classes.

Click here for a full schedule of classes and join the movement today! 

Our Mission

Happy Trees' mission is to help art grow by positively impacting residents of Las Vegas and it's millions of annual visitors through art, joy, and environmental awareness. Happy Trees includes the whole community; teaching art to kids, adults, and families of all ages and backgrounds. A tree gets planted for every class sign-up received for the entirety of Happy Trees existence as an incorporated company in the States of California & Nevada, to help promote environmental awareness and to inspire people of all ages to take action. 

Happy Trees is partnered with the National Forest Foundation and their effort to plant 50 million trees across our National Forests by 2023. This is a big goal but it's possible with your help. Every time you attend a class, you are helping us replant America's forests.

Our Team

Heather Fix

Heather Fix is co-founder and Executive Creative Director for Happy Trees. Heather brings with her an eight-year career of instructing various art classes; including make-up, paint, and craft classes for all ages, as well as an established career in teaching 21+ art classes for a company she owned prior to teaming up with Frank to create Happy Trees. Heather has been an artist since she was a child, starting from her attendance at a performing arts elementary school. She has continued to surround herself with anything artistic throughout her entire life. Heather was featured at the Milwaukee Art Museum in 2008 for Outstanding Artist and received the Gold Key award. Heather is excited to be launching Happy Trees and to use her experience, knowledge, and love for art, to bring a new and fresh twist to Southern California.

Frank Rothstein

Frank Rothstein is co-founder and CEO for Happy Trees. Frank is responsible for managing the overall operations and resources of the company. Communicating on behalf of Happy Trees to class attendees, government entities, and the public fall under his umbrella. He is excited to lead the way and help the company achieve its short and long-term goals while ensuring that Happy Trees mission statement stays at the forefront of the company’s vision. Frank holds degrees in business and theology; and would tell you that he relies on both daily as he manages the day to day business of the company. 

USC football is another great passion of Frank’s and we told him that under no circumstances would he be allowed to say anything negative about that other college in LA. Fight On! 

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